Time to get more friends and neighbors

The Halloween event is all about getting goo, and a sure way to get loads of goo is to have lots of friendly neighbors. But you have to hurry up, there’s only a few days left of the event! Here’s all about how to boost your goo collection.

To get all the personal items for this years Halloween you need to collect 10 000 goo. While that might seem like an impossible task, it’s not with some help from your friendly neighbors (if you have any).


You are allowed to have up to 100 friends. Each of these friends will grant you at least 8 goo (3 from haunting houses and 5 from popping ghosts) each 24 hours from visiting them, in addition to the goo you get if they haunt you and Gremlins! This stacks up really fast to an amount that will grant you all the Halloween treats you can desire.

You can release Gremlins in your friend’s town, to a total of 10 Gremlins. This is not just your Gremlins, but everyone visiting this player. Each Gremlin gives 4 goo in total. If your friend finds and tap them within 4 hours you get 2 goo each. If they don’t, you get all 4!


So, how do I get neighbours?
First of all, make sure you have an origin account and that your game is connected to it. This is something you should do anyway, as it will secure you from losing your city if something happens to your device.

It’s not likely that you have 100 friends playing Tapped Out (is it?). The fastest way to gain friends is to check out Facebook pages like the Tapped out tricks Facebook page or other pages like it.

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