Thanksgiving 2013 event guide

The thanksgiving event for 2013 has arrived! This guide will give you everything you need to know about this year’s event.


The event starts off with Lisa talking about the Sacagawea costume she ordered. After a quick dialog with Homer, you will get Sacagawea Lisa with a set of tasks. After more dialog, where Homer keeps calling Lisa a racist,  you will have a quest to make Sacagawea sulk for 1 hour (with 170 cash and 27 xp reward.

When this quest is completed, Homer will provide a quest. When you tap him, he will demand Apu to “turkey him”. After a quick dialog it’s established that there are no turkeys, and that Homer will have to get one himself.

Thanksgiving quest

When this task is completed, there will be some more dialog, and another quest is offered by Homer. Homer, Marge and Sacagawea Lisa will have a quick chat and the quest “Thankless Thanksgiving Pt. 3” will be offered. The objective is to make homer organize a search party for missing turkeys (24h, $700, 160xp).

When this is completed, after telling Flanders he hates him, Homer initiates the next quest in the series. This quest requires Moe, Ned Flanders and Homer go hunt for turkeys. The quests take 12 hours and generate $1,260 and 450 XP (total for all 3).

Next quest in line is a bit different. It requires you to make 10 springfielders “attend a wake for thanksgiving”. A lot of the characters will have the option to do this quest. It doesn’t matter which citizens you select for this, but you need 10 of them to do it. This is also a nice opportunity to do 4h quests on characters that doesn’t normally have them. Note that you can do more than 10 if you want to, and that not all citizens offers the quest for some reason. This quest is $175 each and 45 XP.

Lisa will offer the next quest. It requires you to “Make Sacagawea Lisa Care for Kidnapped Turkeys” (24h) and generates $600 and 150 XP.

After this you will have to “Make Sacagawea Lisa Take a Field Trip to Cletus’s Farm” (2h). This gives $110 and 27 XP.

The next quest is initiated by Lisa but requires Cletus to perform. You need to “Make Cletus Whittle a Turkey Caller” (12h) and gives $420 and 100 XP.

Thanksgiving event cash items

There’s a variety of items to be acquired during the event. Some are from the last year’s event, and some are new.

IMG_0167-4 IMG_0169-4 IMG_0167-3 IMG_0169-1 IMG_0168-4

The items are pretty much vanity items. Getting all of them will cost you $72,900

Thanksgiving event premium items

There are as always new premium items to get in the thanksgiving event.

Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign

2% bonus money and XP to all jobs

Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino


Every 8h earns $200 and 22xp. Also provides Tribal Chief.

Read more about it on Wikisimpsons!

Itchy Balloon


2% bonus money and XP to all jobs

Snowball 2 Balloon


0,5% bonus money and XP to all jobs

The Mayflower


3% bonus money and XP to all jobs

The Grumple Parade Balloon


2% bonus money and xp to all jobs

Stampy Parade Balloon

2% bonus to and XP to all jobs.

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