Level 45 is here – read all about it!

Out of the blue, level 45 was released today! While still in the middle of clash of the clones, and very quickly after the level 44 update, they still pushed it out.

Read on to get all the details (spoilers ahead)


Most are probably not even done with the level 44 content yet, but this update brings loads of new stuff. The base quest line brings a new character and “building” straight up, and further more two more buildings.

Level 45 Quest line items

Patty starts the quest line which makes you build the ziff corp sign. This unlocks Artie Ziff .

level 45 ziff corplevel 45 artie ziff

Artie Ziff

Artie Ziff was actually Marge’s boyfriend, and he has pretty much never gotten over that.

Artie became rich with his company ZiffCorp, and made his money from writing software. However, he spent his rich days obsessing over Marge and being lonely.

When the dotcom-bubble burst, Artie lost all his money again and went to prison. Well actually, Homer was arrested at first because he won 98% of Artie’s useless stock in a poker game. Artie finally turned himself in and served his time.

The quest line later unlocks the Indoor tennis courts and ZiffCorp Office Building.


Level 45 Premium items

For premium items, you can get The Hungry Hun which unlocks Üter Zörker. You can also buy the BBQ Pig for donuts.


6  1level 45 bbq pig


Level 45 Bought items

For a ridiculous amount of money ($10 million) you can get the fortress of chocklitude.


More info

Read more about the characters in this update:

Artie Ziff

Üter Zörker


I must say that EA are releasing content in an impressing speed right now, and they are doing a great job keeping the game interesting. This tempo might be tough on newly leveled players though, as the cash cost for all these items will stack up pretty high.

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