King Homer’s Skyscraper unlocked!

The King Homer’s Skyscraper was just unlocked, completing all the community items in the 2013 Halloween event. This time, it required 30 000 000 000 goo to be collected. The building, and the character is sadly not playable.

Community items 2013 tapped out Halloween event, completed by King Homer's Skyscraper

Where is the King Homer’s Skyscraper from?

The King Homer’s Skyscraper is from The Treehouse of Horror III. In the third segment, called King Homer, Mr Burns marge answers an advertisement from Mr. Burns wanting crew for a mysterious expedition (must like monkeys). Mr. Burns hires her and off they go with the rest of the crew to “Ape island”.  When they get there, it turns out that Marge is the bait, and they are going to capture a giant ape.

With Marge as bait, after eating several of the crew members, King Homer was captured by Mr. Burns who wanted to use him as an attraction on Broadway. After getting spooked by flash lights from journalists, King Homer escapes. He proceeds to abduct Marge and destroying the city while eating the occasional human. He finds Marge with Mr. Burns, and in an attempt to climb a skyscraper (the King Homer’s Skyscraper), King Homer gets exhausted and falls off. Marge suggests Homer should eat less humans and more vegetables.

The segment is an obvious parody of King Kong.


You can buy the entire Treehouse of Horrors III on amazon.

Halloween event closing soon

The Halloween event closes November 7th, which is only a few days away. It has been a great time with loads of nice prizes. If you haven’t unlocked all of the personal prizes you might still have a chance! By adding neighbors you could get as much as 1000 goo each day if you spend a lot of time tapping :)

Personal prizes 2013 tapped out Halloween event

Read more about it in the Halloween goo guide.

That’s pretty much it for this years Halloween. Have you enjoyed this event? Got any questions? Use the comment section, or get in touch on the  Tapped out tricks Facebook page

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