Clash of the clones raiding strategy

Raiding in Clash of the clones is probably something you’re doing a lot if you want to unlock all the prices. If you’ve been at it a while, you probably have 50-60 nerds to dispose of every 2 hours.

Here’s a look on a couple of different strategies to maximise elixir income.

There are several strategies on how to bring in the most elixir, but there’s no clear winner. It all pretty much comes down to plain luck, so you’ll just have to find a strategy that fits your style of playing best.

1. Maxing nerd ussage

This is probably the “safest” way to go in the long run. If you max the amount of nerds on buildings, the owner only has 1 hour to defend, which most of the time isn’t enough. This will grant you the 70 elixir pretty safely, but you can only attack 5-6 houses – granting you 350-450 elixir with 60 nerds. If you repeat this every 2 hours, you will have a pretty steady stream of elixirs.

With thie strategy you should look out for random towns with low defense capabilities, but it isn’t all that important. If you have to use one or two extra nerds on a house, it won’t affect your income drastically.

2. Using as few nerds as possible

This is a bit more risky, but if you luck out you will have a huge elixir income. With this strategy you only use 2-3 nerds on each house, giving you the potential of gaining 1 400 elixir each two hours. But, this will give the owner at least 8 hours to defend their houses making it way more risky.

With this strategy it is vital that you find cities to raid with low defense capabilities. You need to find cities with maximum 10 or 11 hours of base defense so you can use 2-3 nerds for an 8 hour attack. You can of course go higher or lower than 8 hours, but 8 seems like a good number regarding when people are online or not.

You should also pay attention to what kind of tasks the characters are on, if they are on short or long ones. This can indicate when the owner is coming back.

Also remember that an owner with only 10-11 hours base defense at this stage probably hasn’t been playing very much, so there’s often a good chance that your attacks will go through.

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