Artie Ziff – who is he?

Artie Ziff is the new character introduced in the level 45 update, but who is he?

Artie Ziff’s Young years

artie ziff dance

Artie went to Springfield High School together with Marge and Homer Simpson. He had (and stil has) a huge crush on Marge, and was at one point her boyfriend. He pretty much ruined his chances by getting a bit to frisky at a school prom.


Artie Ziff’s rise to wealth and Ziffcorp.

artie ziff rich

After high school, Artie built his empire by developing software and electronic devices. He developed a device that transformed “modern noise” into easy listening music. This made him the fifth richest person in the country with his company, Ziffcorp.

However, his life was far from complete. He lived alone and spent much of his time missing Marge. He was featured in several episodes trying to get her back, also by offering money(!).

The fall of Artie Ziff

artie ziff prison

After the it-bubble burst, Artie and Ziffcorp were having a very difficult time. He had spent all the money on extravagant items and other stupid stuff. He actually lost the entire company to Homer, who didn’t know it was worthless. Homer got arrested as the major stock holder of the company, but Artie later confessed and went to prison.

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