10 beginner tips

As a beginner in Tapped Out there’s lots of stuff to learn and loads of mistakes to make. These quick tips will hopefully speed things up for you!

1. Enable “confirm doughnut spending”

Really do it. It will save you from the agony of spending doughnuts on really, really stupid things. This is how you do it:

bilde-1 bilde-2 bilde-3

2. Get your free 10 doughnuts and a statue

Yea, there’s an easy way to get 10 doughnuts and a statue. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not :) Read all about it in the doughnut and statue guide.


3. Remember to always grow stuff on the farm

You’ll get the farm fairly early, and it’s a great source of income. Sounds easy doesn’t it, but it’s easy to forget. Make sure you grow stuff that you are able to harvest before it expires. Remember: Shorter grow time = shorter harvest window.

4. Don’t spend doughnuts on cash

Spending doughnuts for cash is always a bad choice. Cash is a lot easier to get in this game, especially when you level up. As you level up you will understand that doughnuts are way harder to get.


5. Don’t spend doughnuts on rushing buildings

Like the previous tip, doughnuts are way too rare to be spending on rushing things. This isn’t a game you’ll be done with in a day or two, it’s a long term thing.

6. Get friends and neighbors early

Friends and neighbors are a great way to earn some extra cash, xp and doughnuts. They are also crucial in events like Halloween. You’ll want to start adding neighbors as soon as you can.

Read more about it in the Halloween goo guide.

7. Learn how to plan your tasks

Planning your tasks can be hard in the beginning. Task planning is crucial in getting money, xp and doughnuts quickest possible

Read more about it in the choosing tasks guide!

8. Clean up your trash

You learn this in the tutorial, but when you buy a new land expansion there will always be trash. This trash has a pretty high chance to contain doughnuts so get it cleaned as fast as you can. Only Homer and Lisa can do this task.

9. You can move trash

Even though you want to clean it as fast as possible, there will be times when Homer and Lisa is busy with other tasks. You can actually move the trash like any other object, but you cannot destroy or stash it in your inventory. This way you can get your new building started without waiting on Homer and Lisa to get their tasks done.

10. Don’t rush character initiated quests

Once in a while your characters will initiate quests. You don’t have to rush these. If you’re about to go to bed and have all the other characters on 8 or 12 hours tasks you don’t have to the 30 min task the character asks for straight away. If you do a longer task first, the requested task will still be there.

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